B. Engineering (I.C.T. Software) & B. Industrial Design (3D Graphics)

Leadership comes in many forms in and out of professional life. I have had the opportunity to work in many fields professionally directly with clients and business owners to take charge and deliver.


One of the greatest opportunities I have had has been through the University of Technology Sydney branching into the technical field of Software Engineering I now specialise in and feel at home. The chance to study alongside those a little younger than me has opened me up to new spaces and methodologies of working. It has shown me there are a lot of talented people out there and different fields can come together successfully with the right leadership.


My role in many projects has been to lead from proposal to execution. A lot of the teams I have been privileged to be a part of have spanned many different specialisations from people across a wide range of ages and experiences. 


I believe the projects shown here have given me the ability to recognise the talents and contributions of others to build a successful project.

Other Professional Work

I have worked professionally managing teams in the hospitality not only as a restaurant and bar manager but a Sommelier learning applying my skills to teach others how to work with wine. This work has made me a leader in teams working in Wine bars and Fine dining restaurants gaining note of the maximum of 3 wine goblets.

Goblets are the equivalent of hats or Michelin stars when rating restaurants. These ratings have included management level positions in hatted restaurants of 2 and 1 hat quality.


I have learnt the importance of team work, communication and training. i know it is important to recognise the people you can work within a team with.

I’m currently open to new opportunities, why not get in touch