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Nicholas Blackburn

B. Engineering (I.C.T. Software) & B. Industrial Design (3D Graphics)

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Software Engineer & Industrial Designer
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Technical Skills






Adobe Suite

Rhino 3D / V-ray


MS SQL / MySQL / Firebase / MongoDB


Office Suite / Google Suite

other than technical skills…

I have a keen sense of adventure passionately pushing my boundaries. I have worked in the hospitality Industry as a Sommelier, as a Social Media Manager and Designer. This type of work challenged me to cross different parts of the globe by land, air and sea building transferable skills including:

Transferable Skills

I can interpret a brief & Work as a team.

One thing playing music and sport has taught me is how to read a situation while listening to achieve what’s required. Asking questions where needed. When I played in bands you have take direction and to listen to everyone around you, know you have the right balance and when to pick up the ball and run with it. Same on the basketball court, look at the spread see who’s ready to score and have a shot yourself if you have one.

You’re only as fast as the slowest player. When I used to hike as a scout leader and cadet I would make sure everyone I hiked with would be ahead of me in line as I was stronger and stick with even the slowest in the group. This would make sure no one was alone or left behind.


How to communicate.

Throughout my work in the hospitality industry managing kitchens and customers you need to clearly communicate. You need to keep everyone updated on the important facts. You also need to adjust how you communicate so you know your message is getting across. Being qualified with design skills definitely helps when needing to draw something up or pick up a spreadsheet. Using tools like Trello and Git have added to my communication strengths.


How to Listen

I feel when people talk about communication they forget about the other half. It’s not always getting your individual point across it is also about listening to what your team needs and responding in kind. When I have worked in Hospitality

I found it a privilege to teach people about alcoholic products. To do this though you need to understand everyone has their own language about what they taste.  To sell wine you need to listen to what people say in response to your questions and interpret their meaning to match. yes you are trained to classically talk about how your pallet speaks but you need to listen to what others pallets say.


Personal Motivation & Development

Undertaking University as a mature aged student can be seen as insanity by some. Making the goal of my degree not only to get it but to complete with a distinction minimum average has been hard to persist at times. I have had to dig deep to get this goal finding personal motivation to keep going throughout the late nights balancing work, family and study. I am extraordinarily proud of this achievement. I really want this to be an example to my daughter spring boarding the success in my degree to success for my family.

My work as a Sommelier in some of Sydney’s premier restaurants has come through my ability to see how I can push myself and develop. I have no formal qualifications for the role but have put myself out there, read, learned and listened to get to some of the most privileged positions in the hospitality industry working with some of the best in their trade. I used this to also offer my skills in Design to help build a brand for their business and keep my design skills sharp.



I love it, I love the challenge. When I was traveling on my motorbike through the United Kingdom to France. I went from town to town, researching where I wanted to go and why. I went solo with the aim of riding around France wine country to learn more about the wine I was working with as a Sommelier in Sydney.

Of course this had tax benefits but I really wanted to gain connections in agriculture and wine to one day build a Software as a Service (SaaS) business to help people in the wine industry in Australia. This would marry my knowledge of Industrial Design, Wine and Tech skills.

I really am keen to work in a company building my skills in SaaS delivery and Embedded Software to fit my big picture. I would love to be a part of a team and see how all the cogs fit and work together to achieve the big goal.

I have a keen interest in design, food and wine helping people get closer to where they both come from. One day I would like to help independent primary producers, retailers and negociantes build a competitive advantage through technology to serve communities. 

I enjoy the challenge of communicating the technical to help build understanding and engage with stakeholders.


My Family Farm is located just outside Merriwa NSW, in the Upper Hunter Valley. We farm sheep and cattle in the most beautiful part of the world.


I like getting out and about by land or sea. A dedicated page documenting my travels will be coming soon.


I’ve worked as a Sommelier in some of Sydney’s best restaurants and wine bars. A dedicated page to my food journey will be coming soon.


I have a young family, when we’re not locked down we like bushwalking and getting out and about to the beach. When we are locked down we cook, we eat. Taking the opportunity to lock down with the family can be challenging but this is the most fortunate time I have had to grow.


Having studied Industrial Design at the University of Western Sydney and Software Engineering at the University of Technology Sydney I have a unique informed position I am passionate about. I take these skills with me to add value.


I have trained classically and immersed myself in Jazz. I enjoy Clarinet and Piano amongst other bits and pieces I have picked up along the way.


This has taught me to review an approach to learning something new, analyse first, be disciplined and patient in seeing results and appreciate the off notes.


I have played a few different sports. In younger days I have been taken overseas to play Basketball.


This has taught me to push as a team player using everyone’s different skills for success.

Most importantly I have learnt you have to have fun and bring good energy to every situation.

I’m currently open to new opportunities, why not get in touch