The Team

I have been privileged to have the guidance and supervision of two very accomplished Doctors in the School of Electrical and Data Engineering (SEDE) & Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology (FEIT). They have both guided me through the process of my Capstone project. We are seeking to publish my work officially with The University of Technology Sydney.


Dr Zenon Chaczko

Adjunct Fellow SEDE

Dr Gnana Bharathy

Ardc Research Data Specialist FEIT

Project Objectives

I was excited to implement a machine learning model. This was done by giving my model a set of input data and having the model assess the data to provide an educated prediction.

Incorporate my computer vision data from my assignment from Studio B.

Research Blockchain and the future of data. How this will affect the wine industry and how I can incorporate data acquisition, machine learning and blockchain.

What is my idea?

Each vineyard collects and relies upon weather data for the growing of their grapes. They also apply different wine making techniques which produce a quality and calibre of saleable product. Many vineyards have been selling & producing wine for decades, in the case of European producers centuries, producing valuable pricing data for vineyards and wine regions.


For the past decade financial growth and growth of investment in wine regions has increased. The return on investment (ROI) in wine regions has been extensive outpacing the ROI form the S&P500. Investment in Luxury brands trading in wine such as Luis Vuitton Moet Hennessy has returned surplus of 900% ROI. This is ROI Billions of dollars.


I would like to apply the aforementioned technological tools to build a predictive model of price and growth for vineyards and wine regions in Australia. The data involved in building the model is not just useful for those investing in wine for pure financial gain but those working in the wine industry to sell product in bars and restaurants.